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My teaching career began with the Los Angeles Unified School District.   I have over 15 years of classroom teaching experience.  The photo above is of my Stage Crew students at Manual Arts High School, Los Angeles.  I have taught various English courses,  English as a Second Language,  and Accent Elimination for grades 7-12 and Adult Education in Los Angeles and in Hawaii (University of Hawaii, Kapiolani College, Continuing Education Department). 
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"Break Your Sound Barrier"

* Taking notes
* Printing PDF files
* Record your voice
* Standard American   English
* Define "Accent"
* Define "BYSB"
* Vowels
* Consonants
* How to Study 
* How students learn
* Vocalized Sounds
* Un-vocalized Sounds
* Finding the sounds
* Attack
* Release
* Being technical in a non-technical way
This section of Accentgone  "Break Your Sound Barrier" allows the student to get an even closer look at Standard American English.  Content is highly specific.  It  differs from class "Lessons" in that Accentgone's Language Lab is primarily audio -- students listen and practice course materials.  
**   10 LESSONS
**   Classroom Instruction
**   Practice Materials
**   "Drill-work"
**   Creative Learning
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Accentgone "Break Your Sound Barrier" is available to all viewers/students every where in America.  It can also be seen in other countries.

Accentgone "Break Your Sound Barrier" is an English course that is available over the internet.  

Course materials are avilable on CD, DVD, or on other devices, through by request.
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