How to Practice & Learn

You should begin by overemphasizing these "th"  sounds.   This will help you  to feel comfortable forming the "physical aspects" of producing these new  "th" sounds.  Later, you can pronounce these words with less "th" emphasis, producing them with the correct amount of "effort."

Remember to practice these "th" words using short, intense practice sessions that last no longer than 10-minutes. 

Then, take a short break, perhaps 10-30 minutes. 

After your break, continue practicing -- short, intense sessions -- each session 10 minutes (+/-)  in length.

This is  Accentgone's learning theory: it  is more effective to practice with three 10-minute sessions, rather than one 30- minute session.

This sound is very important to produce correctly. 


Place the tip of your tongue against your upper teeth, and slightly in front of your upper teeth.


By all means, avoid making the "th" sound a "d" or a "t". 


Some of the words with "th" will be "vocalized," meaning that your vocal cords will vibrate as you say them ("there"). Some of the words with "th" will not be vocalized, as in the word, "bath."

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