How to Practice & Learn

You should begin by emphasizing these practice words that contain the short  "i"  sound ("it").  You want to emphasize the part of the word that contains the "i" sound.  This will help you to learn it quickly.

With practice, your pronunciation will get better and better, and producing this sound will feel simple to do, and very natural.  You will be pronouncing it correctly.  At this point,  you would not want to emphasize the "i" sound.  It should sound  normal and natural in your everyday speech.

Remember that most students will mispronounce this sound. Instead of "i" as in the word "it",  they will replace it with "e" as in the word "eat."  This is the common tendency for most students that take this course, so please be aware of making this change. 



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pronunciation  is  your objective.
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