How to Practice & Learn

You should begin by emphasizing these practice words that contain the  "schwa"  sound.  You want to emphasize the part of the word that contains the "schwa" sound.  This will help you to learn it quickly.

With practice, your pronunciation will get better and better, and producing this sound will feel easier to do, and soon, very natural.  Your goal is to pronounce it correctly in everyday speech.

The "schwa" is a very interesting sound.  Like other sounds that we will learn to pronounce correctly in Accentgone,  the "schwa" is quite unique to the English language.  Many students will not have this sound in their first language, and actually,  it is quite easy to learn.




The "schwa" sound is represented by an upside down "e."


It is the most common vowel.


Any vowel can make a "schwa" sound ("uh").


The "schwa" is only found in unstressed syllables.


in some words, the "schwa" is not pronounced.


LEONARDO'S RUSTIC KITCHEN   ---   112 Words   1:35 Seconds
Leonardo's Rustic Kitchen

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Leonardo's wood-burning brick oven produces an authentic rustic flavor.

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pronunciation  is  your objective.

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