Accentgone is an English course.

Accentgone was designed and created to help students learn the skills that are necessary to correctly pronounce Standard American English.
Designed and taught by Joseph Feldman
It has particular value to students studying English as their "second language"  (ESL).   They will learn many effective techniques to greatly reduce -- if not totally eliminate -- their current "accent" when speaking English.
Beginning of "Accent News" Broadcast
Accentgone uses classroom instruction and "drill-work" to teach students specific sounds and patterns that are used in speaking Standard American English.
Scene from "Accent Travel" Commercial
Students practice and reinforce their training using various methods, including "delivering" (reading) fictional "TV-style News Stories and Commercials" -- without an "accent." 

Scene from "Accent Coffee" Commercial
Accentgone's creative approach to teaching English pronunciation is truly unique -- it  challenges students to do their best, and inspires them to achieve remarkable results. 

  Scene from "Accent Amsterdam" Commercial


18 Words 20 Seconds

94 Words 1:30 Seconds

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